Bapp helps businesses to get bookings online.

Bapp helps businesses to get appointments from a simple link. Manage appointments using the app.

What is Bapp appointments ?

Bapp appointments helps businesses to get bookings from bapp catalogues.

Get appointments from anywhere

Get bookings from anywhere on the internet using one simple link customized for your business.

Manage Bookings

Manage bookings using the mobile app with a well thought booking workflow. Manage team members, work timings etc.

Build customer relationships

Build a a unique customer database and foster them with your offerings, promotions and updates.

Get started with Bapp Appointments in 3 easy steps.

List your services catalogue and working hours on Bapp

Build your catalogue

List your services catalogue and working hours on Bapp.

Share your links

Integrate your booking link with your digital channels and ads.

Get bookings

View, accept and manage bookings on Bapp app.


We have built essential features for your business to manage appointments.


Integrates with bapp catalogue or as a stand-alone booking link.


Accept customers a walk-ins. Allow them to book early next time.


Manage business holidays, public holidays in advance.

Manage staff

Manage bookable and non-bookable staff with roles.

Manage bookable things

Manage bookable things and staff with roles.

Widget for your website

No-code integration on your existing website.


Email and sms notifications regarding booking updates.


Reminders for customers to reduce drop-offs

Social media integration

Integrate via Bapp Links or as a stand alone link

Booking workflow

Accept, reject, check-in, start-job, end-job, no-show


Daily, weekly and custom reports that can be exported


Analyze your catalogue performance and optimize

** Feature availability varies in different countries / regions.

What businesses are Bapp ideal for?

Bapp can improve customer engagment for a wide variety of business.

Events & Venues

Beauty Parlors, Nail Salons, Hair Salons, Spas etc

Experience Providers

Desert safari, balloon rides, helicopter tours, skydiving etc

Equipments Rental

Equipement rentals, jetski rentals, yacht rentals, bike rentals etc

Wellness Services

Beauty Parlors, Nail Salons, Hair Salons, Spas etc

Automotive Servicing

Carwash, auto repair, car detailing, auto consultants etc

Training and Coaching

Bapp - Booking management solution for yoga teachers, fitness trainers etc

Build excellent customer relationships

We have developed tools and services in-house to enable small businesses to start their transformation journey just with few clicks.

Download the app to get started.