Bapp helps businesses to foster customer relationships.

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Who is bapp for?

Social Media Managers

Grow followers & boost engagement

Small Business Owners

Improve visibility and convert more


Increase customer engagement

Your data privacy is our responsibility

We believe that trust is paramount in a relationship. We do not own or sell your data, and we most certainly do not bank on advertising-based business models. The only way we make money is from the software license fees you pay us.

Why Bapp?

What businesses are Bapp ideal for?

Bapp can improve customer engagment for a wide variety of business.

Events & Venues

  • Conference Rooms
  • Party Venues
  • Playgrounds & Courts
  • Lands & Plots

Experience Providers

  • Desert Safari
  • Balloon Rides
  • City Tours
  • Adventure Sports

Equipments Rental

  • Yachts & Jetskies
  • Industrial Equipments
  • Scooters & Buggies
  • Sports Equipments

Wellness Services

  • Spas & Salons
  • Massage & Therapies
  • Dental & Clinins
  • Alternative Medicine

Automotive Servicing

  • Car Service Centers
  • Car Wash Services
  • Car Detailing Services
  • Automotive Consultants

Training and Coaching

  • Group Classes
  • Personal Training
  • Online Courses
  • Assessment sessions

Bapp for Large Businesses

We serve medium and large enterprises with white label, on premise software. Your server, your data, your own apps with our world-class tech and support.

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